Welcome to Habacoa

Welcome to Habacoa

The Gateway to the Caribbean

By Air

Easy air accessibility, with a quick 30-minute flight from Miami and a 2-hour flight from New York.

By Sea

Located on the main nautical route from the East Coast of the United States to the Bahamas, Caribbean, and South Atlantic.

By Sport

From deep sea fishing in the abundance of the Great Bahama Canyon, bone fishing at the world-famous Abaco Marls, or plentiful fishing in the Berry Islands, it’s all a short sail away.

Nothing you need.

Everything you want.

The cuisine? Fast casual or supremely elegant. Something new to wear? Sporty or couture. The perfect gift? Found and wrapped. Dining, shopping and a host of luxurious service offerings, from spa to salon, promise to enliven life at the water’s edge. Shopping and dining will be from both the leading houses of fashion, and authentic local artisans. The culinary offerings are as diverse as they are satisfying. But there is more to discover as the layers of the resort unfold.

This interplay of pathways winding through a tropical landscape evolves as one moves out from the heart of the resort to the beaches and residential communities – becoming less formal, more lush and soothing. Activity gives way to the quiet, especially as Habacoa segues to the endless discovery awaiting in Abaco National Park.

Everywhere are moments for exploration or quiet escape, to the beach, a hammock between palms, to the Parrott Garden, or out into the natural park. For the visiting yacht, a fortunate guest or those who call Habacoa home, each day promises to be different than the last.


Habacoa is designed with great care and responsibility to the pristine environment of South Abaco, while providing significant improvements to the infrastructure, and employment opportunities for the local community.

The marina was awarded the 2022 International Smart & Sustainable Marina Coup de Coeur award at the Monaco SMART & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous.

Habacoa will become one of the lowest-density communities in the Bahamas, with a mere 329 keys built across 500 sprawling acers. The low-density development will minimize the effects on the environment, protect open spaces, and preserve the original character of the land.

Cliffs as high as 100 feet provide awe-inspiring vistas while ensuring the project will be protected from rising sea levels for the next 100 years and beyond. With its unique topography, Habacoa could withstand a direct hit from a hurricane with only minor damage expected.

With 340 days of annual sunshine, Bahamian weather conditions are optimal for the generation of solar energy. Habacoa will incorporate state-of-the-art energy generation & storage technologies and has committed to using 30% solar power to meet the project’s energy needs.

Habacoa’s design incorporates infrastructure to capture and store enough rainwater to supply the entirety of the development’s portable water needs. The conservation of freshwater resources is of prime importance during the development, construction, and operations of Habacoa.

Habacoa is committed to achieve La Belle Classe Destination classification and Blue Flag standards and establish the Marina as one of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.


Habacoa’s team includes a diverse set of experts with decades of collective experience spanning real estate development, hospitality, engineering, architecture and finance.

Rocco A. Di Lillo

Chairman & Investor

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Brand

Senior Strategic Advisor

Senior Architectural Advisor

Strategic Partners

Habacoa’s strategic partners are comprised of the world’s leading architects and engineers as well as the most prestigious entity in the world of superyachts. Together we are building an iconic experience physically and digitally.

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