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An aerial view of the harbor at Habacoa by day.
A night time aerial view of the Habacoa harbor and homes.

Habacoa: The Gateway to the Caribbean


Habacoa is designed with great care and responsibility to the pristine environment of South Abaco, while providing significant improvements to the infrastructure, and employment opportunities for the local community.

Habacoa will become one of the lowest-density communities in the Bahamas, with a mere 470 keys built across 1,150 sprawling acers. The low-density development will minimize the effects on the environment, protect open spaces, and preserve the original character of the land.

In addition to areas dedicated to local flora and fauna, Habacoa will fund and develop 175 acres of its site into a coppice tree habitat for the protected Abaco Parrot and will convey this area to the Abaco National Park.

Cliffs as high as 100 feet provide awe-inspiring vistas while ensuring the project will be protected from rising sea levels for the next 100 years and beyond. With its unique topography, Habacoa could withstand a direct hit from a hurricane with only minor damage expected.

With 340 days of annual sunshine, Bahamian weather conditions are optimal for the generation of solar energy. Habacoa will incorporate state-of-the-art energy generation & storage technologies and has committed to using 30% solar power to meet the project’s energy needs.

Habacoa is committed to achieve La Belle Classe Destination classification and Blue Flag standards and establish the Marina as one of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.

A steep cliff overlooking crashing turquoise waves and white foam.


Habacoa’s team includes a diverse set of experts with decades of collective experience spanning real estate development, hospitality, engineering, architecture and finance.

Strategic Partners

Habacoa’s strategic partners are comprised of the world’s leading architects and engineers as well as the most prestigious entity in the world of superyachts. Together we are building an iconic experience physically and digitally.

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